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  • Introduction

    For the UCL MSc in Economics and MSc in Economic Policy, the required level of Mathematics and Statistics is that of a standard undergraduate degree in Economics.

    You can check your level by attempting an online mathematics and statistics test.

    This test is a part of the exam which took place in the Autumn of 2011 at the end of the Maths and Stats refresher course (which all MSc students must take). Students who scored more than 50% at this exam passed. Students who scored less than 50% at this exam could resit the exam in June.

    It is possible to graduate from the MSc without passing this exam, but it is difficult, as other subjects use Mathematical and Statistical formalism.

    The department does not link test attempts made here with the review of your application. This is NOT part of the application process, but it is a tool to help you assess whether you would be comfortable with the degree of formalism of the course.

    To view the syllabus for the Maths and Stats refresher course or to read the test instructions and then take the online test, please enrol on this course.

    Self enrolment

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