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Plenary Sessions
Invited Symposia
Econometric Society Meetings
Fiscal Studies Policy Sessions

Details of invited sessions are given below. More information will be added as it becomes available.

Plenary Sessions

Presidential Address
Tom Sargent "European and American unemployment"
Chair: Lars Hansen

Frisch Memorial Lecture
Dan McFadden "The science of pleasure: the measurement of consumer welfare"
Chair: James Heckman

Walras-Bowley Lecture
Tim Besley "Electoral strategy and economic policy"
Chair: Torsten Persson

JEEA Lecture
Jean Tirole "The industrial organisation and regulation of platform industries"
Chair: Richard Blundell

Fisher-Schultz Lecture
Ariel Pakes “Econometrics and theory in applied I.O.”
Chair: Jerry Hausman

Invited Symposia

Friday 19 August

Game theory
Philippe Jehiel and Benny Moldovanu “Allocative and Informational Externalities in Auction and Mechanism Design”
Larry Samuelson “The Economics of Relationships”
Chair: Ken Binmore
Discussant: David Levine

Labour economics
Costas Meghir “Dynamic Models and policy evaluation”
Jean-Marc Robin “Microeconometric search-matching models and matched employer-employee data”
Chair: Robert Moffitt
Discussant: Joe Altonji

Nonparametric structural models
Andrew Chesher, "Identification of Nonadditive Structural Functions"
Guido Imbens “Instrumental Variables and Treatment Effect Heterogeneity”
Chair: Charles Manski
Discussant: Ed Vytlacil

Saturday 20 August

Behavioural economics
Colin Camerer “Behavioral Economics”
Matt Rabin “Incentives and Self-control”
Chair: Jean Tirole
Discussant: Ariel Rubenstein

Empirical modelling of imperfect competition
Susan Athey and Phil Haile “Empirical Models of Auctions”
Steve Berry and Elie Tamer “Empirical Models of Oligopoly Entry, Pricing and Differentiation”
Chair: James Powell
Discussant: Aviv Nevo

Financial econometrics
Yacine Ait-Sahalia “The Econometrics of Ultra High Frequency Data and Market Microstructure Noise”
Neil Shephard "Measuring variation and jumps in asset prices using high frequency data"
Chair: Rob Engle

Monday 22 August

Economic design
Dirk Bergemann and Juuso Välimäki “Information in Mechanism Design”
Ilya Segal “Computational Issues in Economic Design”
Chair: Andrew Postlewaite
Discussant: Roger Myerson

Political economy
Daron Acemoglu “Modeling Inefficient Institutions”
Antonio Merlo “Whither Political Economy? Theories, Facts and Issues”
Chair: Torsten Persson
Discussant: Tim Besley

Modelling heterogeneity
Martin Browning ”Heterogeneity in applied microeconometrics”
Rosa Matzkin ”Heterogeneous Choice”
Chair: Daniel McFadden
Discussant: Arthur Lewbel

Tuesday 23 August

Industrial organisation
Mark Armstrong “Price Discrimination”
Glenn Ellison “Bounded Rationality in Industrial Organization”
Chair: Ariel Pakes
Discussant: Ken Hendricks

Narayana Kocherlakota “Advances in Dynamic Optimal Taxation”
Per Krusell and Tony Smith “Quantitative Macroeconomic Models with Heterogeneous Agents”
Chair: Ed Prescott Discussant: Ellen R. McGratten

Nonlinear panel data
Manuel Arellano and Jin Hahn “Bias in Nonlinear Panel Models: Some Recent Developments”
Bo Honoré "Alternative approaches to estimation of dynamic nonlinear models"
Chair: Tony Lancaster
Discussant: Tiemen Woutersen

Wednesday 24 August

Organisations and decision-making
Matt Jackson “The Economics of Social Networks”
David Martimort “Multicontracting”
Chair: John Moore
Discussant: Thomas Palfrey

Development economics
Esther Duflo “Field experiments in development economics”
Chris Udry and Rohini Pande “Institutions and Development: A Perspective from Beneath”
Chair: Daron Acemoglu Discussant: Orazio Attanasio

Weak instruments and empirical likelihood
Don Andrews, “Inference with Weak Instruments”
Yuichi Kitamura. “Empirical Likelihood Methods in Econometrics: Theory and Practice"
Chair: Joel Horowitz Discussant: Richard Smith

Econometric Society Meetings

Friday 19 August, 1pm: ES Standing Committee Meeting, Council Room
Tuesday 23 August, 1pm: ES Fellows' Meeting, Council Room
Sunday 21 August, 1.30pm: ES Council Meeting, Room 321, Drayton House

Fiscal Studies Policy Sessions

Friday 19 August, 1pm: James Heckman (University of Chicago), Education Policy
Saturday 20 August, 1pm: Jordi Galí (Universitat Pompeu Fabra), Monetary Policy in Europe
Monday 22 August, 1pm: Alan Krueger (Princeton University), Well-being and policy evaluation
Wednesday 23 August, 1pm: Anthony Venables (Department for International Development), Development Policy